4 Platforms That Helps You Find Commercial Property In Dubai

Living in Dubai opens up a lot of opportunities for investment, with one of the main investment opportunities being commercial properties. Commercial properties are buildings and land that are bought with the sole intention of generating some profit. This differs from residential properties, where buyers have the intention of living in the property themselves. The real estate industry is a lucrative business and if you want to get involved with it, then you will need to know where to find commercial properties. In this article, we will go over four different platforms that help you find commercial property in Dubai, so keep on reading to find out more.

Property Finder

The first platform we are going to discuss is Property Finder. Property Finder is very popular in the UAE, and it has more than 1000 clients and is constantly updating its website with new listings. The good thing about Property Finder is that you can really narrow down your search, meaning you can always find the exact property you need. Particularly for someone wanting to invest in properties, it is important that you can make a clear distinction between residential and commercial so that you can find a property that is worth investing in.


The next platform on the list is ADCP, or Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties. This website is a super handy tool for anyone looking to buy a commercial property in Dubai as you can easily search by neigh bourhood, so you can find the exact property you want. Different neigh bourhoods hold different values in Dubai, so if you are wanting to make more of a profit, then it is worth looking at the higher-value neigh bourhoods. Finding a commercial property to rent, or a commercial villa to rent can both be great investment opportunities, so perhaps start your search on ADCP and see if you find what you are looking for.


Bayut is another good platform that can help people find commercial properties in Dubai. In 2019, Forbes labelled the site as ‘best property portal’, so they are clearly doing something right. The real estate industry is very competitive in Dubai, so it is important that you can find properties quickly so that you can get an offer straight away. Bayut has such a variety of properties listed on their website, so you can easily find the right sort of property for you.

Zoom Property

Zoom property is a relatively new platform for finding commercial properties but it has gained huge popularity since it was established. Like the other platforms listed in this article, Bayut provides users with advanced searching tools, meaning they can easily find the property they are looking for. One of the main highlights of Bayut is that it has an online chat function, so you can instantly message an estate agent whenever you need to. Being able to chat to an agent so easily is very beneficial for those looking for commercial properties as the agents can give you detailed insight that may not be available on the listing.

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