Ants Vs Termites: Who Poses More Threats to Your House?

Termites and carpenter ants pose dangers to your home and office premises. They destroy wooden furniture and structure. By the time you assess the damage, it becomes irreparable at times.

Both create their colonies over time to pose further problems in your residence and office. If such colonies are not destroyed with the help of professional pest control agencies, the risk of damage to your property further goes up. You can read more here for useful information.

If you want to know which one—carpenter ant or termites—poses a greater threat to your home, you have come to the right place.

Here are some significant facts about termites and ants you must know:

Termites and Ants: Basic Differences

  • Termites are light yellowish; ants are usually black, brown, and red.
  • Both termites and ants have three body segments.
  • The head antennae of termites are straight but that of the ant antennae is slightly bent.
  • As termites usually eat wood, they create colonies in furniture and other wooden structures in a house destroying them in the process.
  • The carpenter ants can create their colonies almost in a vent or fissure they find in a home. They don’t survive on wood but vegetables or any other substances.
  • The ants raid kitchens to collect food and carry them to their home while termites usually survive on wood as food.
  • Termites create their colonies specifically in Mud Tubes whereas this is not the case with ants. They don’t live in mud tubes.

Ants and Termites: Similarities

  • Ants and termites destroy wood and paper.
  • Both breed very fast and create colonies.
  • Ants usually like sweet food whereas the termites don’t like it or eat it.
  • Both of them work day and night (but they are more active at the night).

Termite vs Carpenter Ant: A Perspective

The entry of both termites and carpenter ants can be problematic. But the degree of damage can be more in the case of termites as they destroy the wood/wooden furniture whereas the ants do not.

The problem with termites rests on the fact that they attack all sorts of woods whether it is a woodpile kept in your backward for fireplace, a photo frame hanging on your wall, your wooden bed and furniture, and wooden panels. They destroy wooden floors also. Ants don’t harm wood as it is not their food. But wood is food for termites.

In Conclusion

In any case, both these types of pests must be eliminated at the earliest. A professionally sound pest control agency with all modern equipment and tools can help your home or office get rid of pests.

This process of eradicating the pests must be a periodical one as ants and termites will again return once the effects of chemicals are over. You must get in touch with a reliable and experienced pest control firm for immediate help and to make your dream house pest-free.

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