Bathroom hacks: 7 renovation tips for making your bathroom look bigger

If there is any room in the house you don’t want to seem cramped it’s the bathroom. A cluttered space is a stressful hazard zone, a place where all your old clothes, rubbish and towels follow suit to the floor because, hey, the place is already a shambles – why not make it that little bit messier?

But it doesn’t have to be this way! There are numerous things you can do to ensure your area stays clean and spotless, including colour patterns, installations and little tricks like keeping the floor clutter free with top class bathroom hooks.

A messy space is an unpleasant one, and given this is the place where we get ready for our day and do our other business, you don’t want it to be an area that raises your cortisol levels.

Let’s take a look at these handy little hints below:

Incorporate bright colours

Light, airy colours give the bathroom a natural feel that enhances the space. What’s more, light colours and shades reflect the natural light coming in from outside, which always goes a long way to making an area look more spacious.

Install more mirrors

This is an age-old trick for any part of the home, and it only makes sense, as mirrors help to create the illusion that the space is much larger and inviting than an enclosed space.

Keep the floor clutter-free

The first thing to do to ensure your floor is clutter-free is by keeping your mess off the floor! Of course, these spaces often end up doubling as a home’s laundry hamper, especially if you don’t already have an elevated hamper in said bathroom!

But by ensuring it doesn’t have any mess on the floor – as well as any storage containers covering the space – you will be ensuring that the floor is clean and clear and this goes a long way to making your area look more spacious.

Remove your shower door (or at least make it glass)

If you have a large shower space then the last thing you want is a giant, opaque door creating a stressful, condensed aesthetic. Instead, when renovating, try opting for a clear shower door or remove the shower door altogether if it is a standing one.

Take your curtain to the top

Think about it: a shower curtain that hangs about head height has always made the space look small, right? Even if the shower itself is rather cramped you can still make the space look bigger by lifting the shower rail to the ceiling. This gives off a vibe that the room itself is larger and more welcoming.

Install a pocket door

If your bathroom is already quite small the last thing you want is to make it even smaller with a clunky door being opened right through its already small space. Instead, why not consider installing a pocket door?

You know the ones: they slide into the existing framework as opposed to opening into the space itself, meaning you won’t have to worry about your door taking up the whole room anymore.

Use high gloss paint

One of the most important things for making a room look bigger is to ensure that it gets a lot of light. What’s more, the room’s specs have to allow that natural light to reflect and create a bigger feeling throughout the area.

Using a high gloss paint will reflect the bright light and make the area look so much bigger, and this will also go a long way to creating a better overall vibe in it.

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