Here Are 6 Tips to Prevent Your Kitchen Drain from Clogging

A clogged kitchen sink can be a nuisance and frustrating. It could hinder you from going on with your usual kitchen routine or even ruin how you prepare your dinner. The kitchen sink is a critical utility in your household, and a clogged one is a problem you cannot ignore. If the kitchen sink is clogged, there are basic things you can do to unclog it and prevent future clogs. Professionals advise stopping such a problem instead of looking for a solution once it happens. A good way of solving the blockage issue is to understand the reason for clogged drains. The following are things you should do to prevent drain clogging.

Do Not Throw Food Residues in the Sink

The first culprit of clogged kitchen drains is food residue. Large food particles can get trapped in the pipes, creating a barrier that blocks water from flowing down the drain. Further accumulation can cause more issues like a foul smell and water backflow. If you habitually flush down food particles into the drain, there is a chance you will need to call for drain cleaning services frequently. So, avoid kitchen sink clogs by removing food particles from dishes and disposing of them in the trash bin.

Use a Drain Strainer

An effective way of preventing food particles and other residues from flushing down the drain is by using a drain strainer. Everything that is non-liquid will settle at the bottom of the filter, and you can easily throw it in the trash bin. Therefore, a drain trap gives you an effective way of preventing clogging by residue.

Avoid Pouring Grease into the Sink

Grease is a primary culprit of clogged sinks. Oil can freeze, forming a blockage in the pipes. It also bonds with other particles, creating a giant barrier that prevents water from flowing away. Therefore, removing grease from the utensils before washing them is advisable. You can collect the oil in a glass and toss it in the bin.

Utilize Your Garbage Disposal Correctly

If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, why not use it properly? However, you must remember that clogging the garbage disposal will also add to the mess. Therefore, understand how to use it properly. You must know that a garbage disposal is not a trash bin. Therefore, there are certain items you should not through down there. Such include eggshells, paper products, coffee grounds, bones and meat, harsh chemicals, rice, fruit and vegetable peels, etc.

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals contain acidic properties. Even though they can unclog the drain, they may also cause corrosion on the pipes. Repeated use of such products may eventually cause the buildup of corrosive materials, causing blockage. Hence, avoid using harsh chemicals every time your kitchen drain blocks.

Clean the Skin with Hot Water

Running hot water in the kitchen sink after every use is advisable. The hot water breaks down the frozen grease and pushes down food particles. If you have a frequent problem, pouring hot water into the drain can help prevent buildup.


These are simple tips to help prevent clogging your kitchen drain. However, suppose the blockage does not disappear, no matter your efforts. In that case, it may be time to call for professional drain cleaning services to have the issue fixed permanently.

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