Must Have Tools For Electricians

An electrician is nothing without the appropriate tools. In fact, no work can be carried out without tools. In the electrical world, basic tools have undergone lots of upgrades over the years. Thankfully their principle of operations still remains the same. With new tools springing up every time, electricians now have a large pool of tools to choose from.

Even with the long list of tools available, there is a small sample size of must have tools that electricians can’t live without irrespective of the nature of the electrical work at hand.

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Mind you, given the nature of today’s electrical work, electricians need to be versatile in order to adequately handle the various array of jobs easily and efficiently. There is no denying it that electricians need a lot of tools. However, to avoid a cluster of tools, a few selections have to be made.

For the purpose of this guide, we would categorize the must-have electrical tools into two parts; power tools, and hand tools. It is important to streamline the tools, and recognize the most essential tools in both categories. Whether you are making a purchase for the first time, you are just trying to get a replacement, these tool selections will enable you work better, faster and smarter.

Hand Tools

Everyday electrical tasks require basic hand tools. The upgrade made to the various hand tools means they are much equipped to do an efficient job in the right hands. They provide more comfort, safety and utility. Manufacturers have designed these tools to be more user-friendly thus reducing hand and wrists injuries caused by continuous hand movements. In addition, they make it simple to carry out repetitive hand motion, because the tools are more comfortable. Despite their new designs, these hand tools still maintain the same principle as their predecessor. Some of the most have hand tools for electricians include; pliers, screwdrivers, nut drivers, labelling tapes, fish tapes and poles, wire strippers, and measuring tapes.

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Power Tools

Power tools are either corded or cordless. Irrespective of the type you get, power tools are very handy, and can do the job no matter their size. Because of their ergonomic designs, today’s power tools are easy to use. Most electricians prefer cordless power tools because they are more user friendly. Their modern designs and improvements make them versatile and convenient, and thus efficient. The must have power tools for electricians include; power drills, and saws.


The must have tools make life easy for electricians. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out as an electrician or you are a veteran, you must possess these tools if you want to make your work a whole lot easier for you.

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