Patio Enclosures By Enclosure Guy: A Comprehensive Guide

An outdoor patio enclosure can be quite helpful to you and your family. A patio enclosure may add style, beauty, and professionalism to your home or company while protecting you and your visitors from insects, bad weather, and Mother Nature’s wrath. Any structure can profit immensely from it, but it may not be ideal the first time.

Because of this, having a pro show you the ropes is critical, which is why this video is useful. Hiring a professional takes time and money; the longer the engagement, the more you’ll pay.

How long will the patio enclosures be functional and free of obstructions?

Patio enclosures by Enclosure Guy typically last 10 years or more if properly maintained. To extend the functional life of your enclosure, we supply a scratch and stain remover.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s get started.

Preparing Tools, Parts, and Packages

This step, while appearing simple, is most likely the most important. Before you begin, double-check that the box has everything you require. You should also compare all the products in the package to those on the packing sheet that came with your order.

If everything is in working order, proceed to step two.

Rigging is required for an Outside Mount with an Inward Rolling Curtain.

The first curtain will be on the left, the second in the center, and the third on the right. Begin on the exterior of your patio or deck and work your way in. Otherwise, you’ll position the curtains in the wrong order.

Curtain tracks should be measured and labeled with headers after they have been numerically put out. After that, use a drill to insert the pulleys for an inward-rolling curtain, then thread the rope through each pulley. The curtains will be able to hang as a result of this.

More extensive instructions for managing this step can be found on the cut sheet with your purchase.

Using a D-ring to hang a curtain

Curtain tie-down finger straps should be fitted with the inside facing out. Put the welting on the left curtain track and start sliding it. After hanging the first curtain, you can adjust the zipper chain as necessary. Make sure the bull-nose of the zipper is facing down before attaching the D-rings, then repeat for the other curtains.

Installing a Weather Flap

After the weather flap zippers have been engaged, find and install the weather flap track. Using the pole hook that was included, you ought to be able to unzip and open your curtains at this point.

Is there a bottom zip on the patio enclosures by Enclosure Guy?

According to our engineers, the base of your patio enclosures should be connected to a knee wall or floor with tie-downs. If you wish to undertake the installation yourself or with a local contractor, our designer will provide placement sites and installation instructions.

What kind of warranty do the patio covers and sun shades I buy from Enclosure Guy come with?

Enclosure Guy guarantees the curtain product line against failure in normal use caused by flaws in material or artistry for five years from the date of purchase. A lifetime guarantee covers all track and tram hardware.

Wrapping Up: Patio Enclosures By Enclosure Guy

We provide a selection of patio enclosures and sun shades to assist you protect and maintain the quality of your patio enclosures and sun shades, including clear vision climate-control curtains, sun shades, and accessories. Everything we sell is created from the greatest materials available, employs the most precise technical methods, and is customised to your specifications. Because our patio enclosures and sun blinds are mould- and fire-resistant, unobtrusive when stowed and appealing when used, homeowner associations always approve of them and building codes never say ‘no’ to them.

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