Why Upgrading Your Furnace Is Important?

When it comes to your gas furnace, declaring “away with the old” offers many benefits beyond just getting rid of that ugly, energy-wasting box in your basement. This is particularly important if the age of your present furnace is beyond twenty years.

New, improved gas furnaces have advantages over older models, including increased efficiency and enhanced home comfort options. If you need further convincing that now is the moment to make this investment, keep reading. Read this article to discover why upgrading an HVAC System is a smart investment.


So you may not know the furnace’s age if it was already there when you moved in. The serial number is often located on the inside of the furnace lid or the entrance to the combustion chamber. Take note of the number, and then contact the manufacturer’s customer care department through email or phone to request the production date.

The typical lifespan of a gas-fired furnace is between 12 and 15 years, so if yours is older than that, it may be time to replace it. Nevertheless, just because a furnace is 17 years old doesn’t mean it will break down tomorrow. But it does reveal whether or not your furnace has seen better days. It could be better to upgrade now rather than later.

Requires Much Less Upkeep

Bored with the same old creaking and squeaking? Older furnaces are prone to breakdowns when they sputter and sputter through another year. Investing in a furnace upgrade by Home Buddy will reduce the need for costly repairs.

Heat Will Be More Evenly Distributed

Are you sick of listening to your loved ones gripe about how chilly certain rooms are throughout the winter? You may finally relax in that cold, drafty rear bedroom since modern systems will evenly distribute heat throughout your home. You’ll be able to regulate the temperature of each room independently and experience uniform airflow throughout the house.

Cleaner Air to Breathe

You will notice a big change when you install a new HVAC system replacement. All of your home’s temperature needs may be met with ease, and not only that, but the quality of the air you breathe will improve as well.

These modern, high-efficiency systems use variable-speed motors to provide steady, high-quality airflow. The last thing you need is to be exposed to poor air quality, particularly if you have asthma or allergies, to fight daily. Upgrading your HVAC system means installing a new filtration system, preventing harmful contaminants from entering your house.

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Upgrading your HVAC system is simply one more thing you can do to guarantee a healthy home for your family.

Resolve Any Problems Right Away

If you’ve decided it’s time for a new furnace, the first step is to get an estimate from a professional contractor. Since the contractor is already there to give you a quote on the new unit, you may take advantage of having him go over the rest of your HVAC system while you’re at it.

You may hire a professional to do seasonal maintenance on your home by having them check the air conditioner and ducts for problems. Inspecting and assessing these parts can help prevent problems later, saving you money on costly repairs and upkeep.

Repair Expenses

Most furnace parts are made to last around the same amount of time. As a furnace’s useful life is nearing its conclusion, a breakdown in one part might be a precursor to the breakdown of others. A decent rule of thumb is to replace an older furnace if the cost of parts and service to keep it running would be more than 40% of the cost of upgrading.

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Expensive maintenance like the following might be a deal breaker: The choice is a slam dunk due to the price of replacing the heat exchanger in an old furnace that is no longer under warranty. Go out there and look for a new heating system.

Improving your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system will likely be a large financial commitment. Next, check the system’s warranty to determine your coverage in case of future problems.

You should fully grasp your extended warranty before purchasing this kind. While it may be more expensive initially, in the long run, having the item insured will be well worth it.

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