Advantages of 1 Ton Split AC Inverter

Listing out the benefits is one of the most important steps when one sets out to buy the perfect AC. Inverter ACs are quite popular these days due to their unique technology. To make things easier for you, we have come up with the advantages of a split inverter ACs.

We understand that inverter air conditioning is a pricey piece of equipment with even more expensive support services. The price difference is excessive when compared to the cost of a standard air conditioner. But if you think about it in terms of long-term investment, the difference is offset by lower energy expenses.

Now, let us understand the advantages of inverter AC over traditional AC.

Less Energy Usage

When compared to a regular air conditioner, it uses less energy. The variable compressor speed is available with inverter air conditioning. The inverter’s in-built sensor adjusts the power, based on the room temperature, resulting in lower electricity usage and improved energy efficiency. This innovative technology helps save energy, which is good for the environment. As a result, the room temperature remains consistent.

Operation Noise Cancellation

The inverter AC operates at a very low speed, making it much quieter. Apart from the low compressor noise, Inverter Split AC has a lower noise level inside the room. Inverter air conditioners are quieter than non-inverter air conditioners. Because non-inverter air conditioners are designed to switch on and off when a specific temperature is reached, they can make a lot of noise, which may bother some occupants, especially if they are sleeping or working.

An inverter air conditioner is quieter because the compressor motor spins slowly at low RPM upon starting up (basically to save electricity) and gradually builds up to maximum speed (depending on user room temperature requirements plus outside ambient temperature monitored by temperature sensor residing within the compressor heat-exchanger).

Efficient and rapid operation

Since the inverter ACs have a lower power usage, it is suitable for households. It makes use of a more efficient refrigerant with higher thermodynamic efficiency. The surface areas of heat exchangers (mainly condensers) are increased to increase the rate of heat dissipation. These products also provide constant cooling with less powerful compressors.

As a result, they conserve more energy than non-inverter air conditioners.


It is both environment-friendly and energy-efficient. An inverter is a type of energy-saving device that efficiently manages the motor speed in air conditioners to avoid wasting energy. Air conditioners chill when the room temperature exceeds the specified temperature, and they heat when the room temperature falls below the set temperature.

Effective and Efficient Cooling

The compressor can run at a high speed with an inverter air conditioner. As a result, it can chill a space more quickly. A traditional air conditioner’s compressor runs at a fixed speed, which means it takes longer to chill a room.

The capacity to run on solar panels, the use of high-quality refrigerants, and the fact that its expensive price is offset by large savings in electricity costs are all advantages of inverter air conditioning.

We listed out all the major merits of inverter AC over fixed speed AC. There are several inverter air conditioner options available out there in the market. Sanyo 1 ton inverter AC is one of the most effective we have in the market, at affordable prices. They have a wide variety of different volume AC. You can check the details on Sanyo’s website.

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