Buy Your Decking Coloured, Don’t Paint It: Here’s Why

When you think of decking, what colours come to mind? If you’re like most people, then it’s probably something along the lines of oak, walnut, granite and grey – all of which are popular choices in our Sollast range at Deckorum. After all, these are the primary colours that most people associate with wood as standard. But have you ever wondered why wood is only available in these particular colours? Is there a reason why you can’t typically get your decking in purple or yellow without painting it? This article aims to answer those questions for you and explain why decking is almost never painted but instead stained coloured so that it stays protected from the elements for longer.

Why Does Wood Only Come In Certain Colours?

Well, it’s not just wood that typically comes in a certain colour – almost every material that you can use to build or repair your deck or outdoor area will come in a standard colour. This is because paint isn’t used to coat the surface of the material. Instead, pigmented stains are applied to the surface of the material and absorbed into the fibres of the wood to change the colour. When applied correctly, the stain will bond with the wood to prevent it from fading or being worn away over time. However, painting is a different process entirely. A paint coating is applied to the surface of the material, but it isn’t absorbed into the fibres. As a result, paint is often less durable and much easier to wear away over time. This is why the vast majority of outdoor materials are stained rather than painted.

How Is Coloured Decking Different From Painting?

As we’ve already discussed, paint is applied to the surface of the material rather than being absorbed into the fibres of the wood. Because of this, paint can often chip off. Over time, the surface of the wood can also become rough and uneven as the paint begins to crack and peel away. This is why painting your deck can often lead to the surface eventually looking sad and worn. The process of applying a coloured stain to the surface of the wood is much different. When choosing Composite decking from us, you know that the product is extremely fade resistant and capable of maintaining its “like new” looks for years to come.

The Dangers Of Painting Your Deck

Although painted decks do have a certain unique charm about them, there are several reasons to avoid painting your deck if you can. Not only is painting a deck a very messy process, it can also be expensive to hire the equipment needed and the necessary safety gear to apply the paint correctly. Plus, you’ll have to wait for the paint to dry before you can walk on it, which could take several days. Because of these drawbacks, it’s best to avoid painting your deck as much as possible and instead opt for a pre-coloured stain.

 Tips To Help You Pick The Right Colour

There are a ton of colours to pick from when you’re choosing decking from Deckorum. So how do you go about choosing the right colour?

– Think about where you’ll be using the deck. If you’ll be using the deck primarily for shade, then you’ll likely want to pick a darker option that will provide a bit more coverage from the sun’s rays. If you’ll use it for sitting and lounging, then you might want to pick a lighter colour that will reflect the sun’s rays and create a warmer atmosphere.

– Think about the style of your home. Different colours will create different moods and match different styles, so you may want to pick a colour that will match the style of your home.

– Think about the other materials you’ll be using. As you probably know, different coloured materials take different dyes, so you may want to pick a colour that will match the rest of your outdoor materials, such as the colour of your shutters or the colour of your outdoor furniture.


If you have an outdoor area of your home that you want to beautify, you will definitely want to consider decking. Decking is a great way to increase the value and functionality of your outdoor space, while also providing you and your family with a nice place to relax on warm summer days!

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to choose a durable, pre-coloured deck from Deckorum than to risk a worn-looking painted deck further down the line. Pre-coloured decking lasts for longer and looks cleaner than painted decking due to the protective coating it receives when it’s stained. So what are you waiting for? Explore the range  now.

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