Do you have toxic neighbors around you in HOA or Condo?

There is a fairy tale where there is a town. In that town are numerous neighborhoods. And no neighborhood ever gets into any dispute with each other. There is this fairy tale, and it remains a fairy tale alone! Many times the dispute gets handled by an experienced Homeowners Association Management Company. But sometimes the management company tries to ignore the disputes. What is the reason? The company either stays inapt of handling it or it just tries to ignore it. We tell everyone to spend some and get a good management company. It saves huge costs and instead earns the HOA good ROI. If you are looking for one then we suggest you Worth Ross, USA. But what if you do not just deal with a poor management company but poor neighbors too?

What to do in case you have a foul neighborhood?

But then, what is foul is very subjective. For some, a neighborhood could be bad just because those people travel a lot. For some, even a lad playing loud electric guitar could be fine! So where do the lines lie?

HOAs and Condos usually deal with these issues through their policies in CC&R. Generally, they hold guidelines regarding what is allowed and what is not allowed. This can give you an insight if your neighbor is troublesome or not. What are some examples?

  • Your neighbor plays music at loud levels and at wrong times.
  • They park vehicles irresponsibly.
  • The neighborhood has their home having an appearance that looks displeasing and does not follow HOA guidelines.
  • Your neighbor keeps on getting into trouble and fights with strangers. The neighbor is abusive and acts violently inside or outside the home.
  • There is some man or woman who tries stealing things from either your home or common areas.
  • The neighbor you have is racist, pervert, or a bully.
  • They keep on poking you for no reason.
  • They have pets that are dangerous and are not allowed by HOA in the CC&R.
  • Their children keep on creating troubles for you and they do nothing about it. Nothing at all!
  • They deal in materials that are dangerous and pose a risk at your health.

These are some fair examples of what could be counted as a toxic neighborhood. But know that there could be cases not included in this list that might be counted as toxic too.

Actions you can take against annoying neighbors!

Now, the first thing you would want to do is to inform your board about it. If you have a Homeowners Association Management Company then very fine. Bring this to the notice of the management company. Follow the guidelines given under CC&R about how to file a complaint. Sometimes a phone call might work. But you would want to follow the procedures in case any legality occurs in the future.

In case your board or HOA Company does nothing, you might want to go before the courts and lay your issue. You may check your state laws if you are allowed to have a restraining order against the person harassing you.

If you are a Board, then you might want to send a violation notice at the very earliest. This might include the laws broken and the compliances to be made. Furthermore, you might want to mediate between them. If nothing happens then try reaching the legal lawns. This does help. Otherwise, hire some good Homeowners Association Management Company like Worth Ross USA. If not, then you may try imposing a fine under the allowed limits. You can then take legal actions if nothing gets done from the side of the violating party. In worst-case scenarios, the violating resident could even have to leave the house. The best thing is to try to resolve the matter without going into court.

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