Let the light be the guide – Home lighting tips that interior designers use!

And then he said that let there be light, and there was light, but humans were not using it correctly. This is how humans vanished from the Earth. They say that great lighting can nourish your mood with life. Thus it becomes important to pay proper attention to it. For this, you either can search for ‘building architects near me’ and hire interior designers in India, or you can go through this guide.

Tips on how to choose the right lighting for your home!

One basic thing that right lighting does is that it saves people from affective disorder. Thus, one must always look properly towards it. There are places that need high lighting and there are places that need low lighting. Here are the places that will require your special attention:

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Veranda or Porch or Patio
  • Entrance
  • The master bedroom
  • Kids Bedroom
  • Pool side

These are some basic areas that most luxury homes have. Almost all interior designers in India make space for these things when allowed by the area.

Here is a brief guide to spill some light upon lighting.

Know the different types of lights and their purpose!

One must know what all bows are there in the quiver before aiming them at the spot. There are lightings that come in different types and serve different purposes. Here is a list of basic lighting types:

  • Natural Lighting is used to provide a daylight experience and must be used at places where you spend your time most. The ideal place is your living room. It imitates natural lighting and thus elates the mood. If you are looking for natural lighting, make sure it is anywhere around 6500K.
  • Ambient Lighting performs a task of providing an ambience to the room. They generally light up the room uniformly and turn the overall mood. They are used generally as the primary source of illumination.
  • Task Lighting are used for specific tasks and are not used as a primary source of illumination. For example, you might use a lamp for reading purposes on the nightstand.
  • Accent Lighting works like a spotlight and illuminates the objects that you want to focus on. They provide classic aestheticism to the objects of focus in the area. You may use it to shine upon a painting, a shelf, a sculpture, vase, etc.
  • Decorative Lighting is used for the purpose of decoration and comes in many types. There are stripes, chandeliers, etc. these lights too add an aesthetic quality to the house.

Lighting for the Living Room!

A living room is something that sees people the most through a home’s life. Children play there, adults watch television, novels get read, smiles get spread, coffee gets sipped, laughs get shared, some fights, and some love. You must not ignore such a lively area of your house.

Interior designers in India or anywhere suggest people to use bright light in the living area. It adds life to the mood, brightness to life, and weaves all in joy. Studies have shown that bright light works like sunlight and helps in lifting up the spirits.

You might also want to use ambient lighting for the times after sunsets. It will have a calming effect on your senses and help you sleep serene.

You might also want to use accent light to give some weight to a few objects in the night. Wall sconces add grace to wall objects. Use them. If you have a painting or a sculpture in your living area, use torchiere lamps for them. If you have not even shaped your living room, it is time to look for building architects near me.

Lighting for the Master Bedroom!

Keep at least one source of bright light for the times when you spend your day inside it. When we are sick, we usually spend our time on the bed. A bright light will help you and lift your sluggish energies.

Apart from it, a lamp must always be placed on the night table beside your bed. It will spill some soothing light on your book that you might read at night. Calendula or Himalayan light works best for a reading lamp.

Interior designers in India or anywhere always work on weaving the master bedroom with a balance of lights. Rope lights, and that too of warm colors, can be used around the wall below the tray ceiling. When deciding about the ceiling, always search ‘building architects near me’ and have them guiding you about them.

When it comes to kids, their walls usually remain in lighter shades. Use natural and bright lights to keep their mood light. It also helps them think better and creatively. Use a row of warm bright recessed lights to diffuse the room evenly.

Lighting for the Dining Room!

They say we are what we eat, and we say that food gets blended with the blessings of the lord when eaten under the right lighting. The dining room is something where we lead our guests often too. Thus, it becomes crucial to have the right lighting that speaks about the way you think.

Chandeliers work great in a dining room. However, if chosen with the wrong lighting, they can ruin your dining space. If you have the chandelier’s light color harmonizing with the shade of your wall – Heaven! Do not choose a color with a shade too darker or too brighter than the walls around, otherwise, it will become the object of focus and this will look rude.

You may also use Wall Sconces for aesthetic purposes. A sideboard or cabinet that contains your cutleries must be illuminated with warm hues too.

Lighting for the Patio or Veranda!

People use the patio mostly for sitting purposes. There usually remains a small couch or chair to sit and enjoy that latest Rushdie! You can use a wall sconce, probably a movable one, to accompany you in the evenings and nights.

The use of footlights is something that will give your patio an elegant weight. The kind that speaks wisdom and philosophy under the starry nights.

Footlights or bottom rope lights are also used in and around the staircase to guide people towards ease. Warm colors work well.

Lighting for the Kitchen!

This is something that we Indians consider to be a holy place. And a holy place must be kept illuminated well. Another reason for this is to ensure that food gets prepared cleanly. Avoid shadows and use bright daylight that does not have any color.

Never use any ambient or accent color in the kitchen as it will influence the color of your food ingredients and make them look in different colors. Usage of white light is always the thing that all the interior designers in India believe in.

You might want to use pendant lights upon the place where vegetables get cut and things get mixed. Track lights are often used to spread light throughout and eliminate any shadow.

When should you look for interior designers in India?

If the change is little, you can always think of it by yourself. It will keep your mind working and your creative energies at a constant brew. But if you are planning your luxury home from scratch, there is no chance you will be able to guide it completely towards grace. There are hundreds of aspects that interior designers keep in mind while shaping a home. This is the time when you must open up your phone, type ‘ building architects near me’, and call these interior designers in India. A well-shaped home can shape the lives of those living inside gracefully.

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