How to Pick Trustworthy Smart Home Installers

Choosing a smart home installer

Whether you want to improve the security of your property, create a unique cinema room or play around with audio and lighting, smart home integration could be the right option for you. With 24/7 control of advanced technology at your fingertips and systems that work together seamlessly, you can completely transform your living environment. But how can you make sure you pick a trustworthy smart home installer? Here are some top tips.

Choose an Experienced Company

First things first, look for a smart home specialist with impressive experience, accreditations and partnerships. Ideally, such accreditations will be published on the About Us page of their website, allowing you to find the information quickly. If you’re searching for a smart home specialist in Kent, for example, check to see if they’re a Lutron dealer or a Control4 partner. If they’re an Artcoustic certified partner, they also provide state-of-the-art audio systems that will perfectly compliment any interior space. Look to see if the company has won any awards too.

Choose a Smart Home Installer with Showrooms

Reputable smart home installers will be keen to show off the technology they offer and how it can enhance your living space. They’ll want to give examples of integrated smart technology first-hand and give prospective clients ideas of how to improve their own property. So, look out for smart home installers with showrooms and book a demo if possible. Staff should be on hand to show you exactly what can be achieved with the right setup.

View a Company’s Portfolio

Well-established smart home installers should have built up a decent portfolio and be willing to show off their hard work. Take time to view pictures, blogs, video content and anything else that’s available and see if there is any design that particularly takes your fancy. You should also suss out their website as a whole to make sure it’s well-presented, detailed and that the installer offers the technology integration you’re looking for. Not all smart home installers offer the same products or levels of integration. So if you’re specifically looking for a Control4 operating system, for instance, it’s worth checking.

Use Customer Reviews and Ratings

If you’ve done your research and narrowed down a few companies, the next step is to delve into customer reviews and ratings. This will give you an idea of whether or not the smart home installers provide a trustworthy service or whether they should be avoided. Many installers will place reviews not only on their website but also on social media. So, it’s a good idea to connect across platforms and keep an eye on social media activity. Take a good look at the comments people leave as well as brand replies, as this will give you a better idea of how they work with consumers and the rapport they build with clients.

Look for smart home installers in Kent and completely transform your living environment. From lighting solutions to smart heating and security options, you won’t be short of advanced technology to choose from.

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