Top Uses Of Treated Pine Posts

Generally speaking, at least when it comes to outdoor usage, pine is the best timber to use. We see pine heavily used in outdoor structures, owing to its durability and the natural resistance that this timber has. What many don’t know, however, when they decide to buy pine posts, is the importance of buying treated pine posts rather than untreated ones. If the pine posts are treated they will last between 20 and 25 years, if they are not they won’t make it much longer than 7 years.

Here we take a look at what these posts are predominantly used for. 

Outdoor Stairs 

Many of us have stairs in the garden or backyard, perhaps leading up to a shed or a decking area, or maybe even to connect to separate levels of a garden. When it comes to a treated pine stockist you will often see that they sell posts of varying sizes that are going to be used on a set of stairs in the garden. These posts work excellently because of the fact that they offer great support and stability. 

Decking Rails 

In terms of the general use of treated pine, Melbourne homes very rarely use this timber in the construction of decking, at least not for the main body of the deck. Where we do see treated pine posts used is in the construction of the railings around the decking structure. In the same way that these are used for stairs, they provide a good amount of support at the edge of the decking to prop up the decking rails and improve structural integrity.


There is no doubt that the first thing that springs to mind when talking about the use of a treated pine post is fencing, and it is certainly the area in the garden where these products are most significantly used. These treated pine posts are so durable that they really lend themselves well to usage for a structure like a timber fence. The resistance and durability of the posts make them the ideal option for fencing, and they can support even heavy timbers that you may choose for the fencing. 

Framing Structures 

Treated pine posts are incredibly versatile and we often see them used in the garden and backyard for a wide range of different structures. Those building pagodas or covered outdoor seating areas will utilize these timber posts to provide the necessary support for the rest of the structure. In many cases, we also see these posts used for the entirety of the structure, because they can also look very attractive when placed outside the home. Not only are these posts versatile, but they are also very flexible and easy to work with, and this makes them the dream material for anyone who likes to do DIY.

The reasons behind the heavy usage of pine posts are the timber’s versatility, the fact that it doesn’t rot, its resistance to deterioration, and the low cost at which these posts can be purchased for. If you have any construction requirements in your outdoor area, this is the perfect material that can help you to build a solid and reliable structure.

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