How to Organise Your End of Tenancy Cleaning in an Eco-Friendly Way?

Moving out requires many considerations, for it is not an easy phase to go through. You have plenty of things on your mind, and it’s crucial not to forget about the end-of-tenancy cleaning duty you’ve got.

Some landlords are a bit harder to please. They might have some concrete expectations from you and requirements like putting back the property in a presentable condition, but also in a 100% green manner.

If this sounds difficult to you, don’t hesitate to read our today’s eco-friendly cleaning guide.

Why is tenancy cleaning important?

Before deciding to neglect your landlord’s preferences for a green sanitizing procedure, let us tell you why it’s so important not to do so. The thing is that the deep and thorough end of tenancy cleaning is a key step to make to deal with the removal successfully.

Here’s why:

  • It’s your obligation by the law. You have concrete rights and duties, which are stated in the two-side tenancy contract you signed before moving into the property. Among the clauses with your obligations, the end of tenancy cleaning is mentioned and explained in detail. So this procedure is not made by default or of goodwill. It’s something you must do according to the law.

  • It’s your chance to get your tenancy deposit back. Actually, it’s your only chance. Let’s imagine you haven’t done any serious damage to the property. That won’t be enough for the landlord to return your cash. You or licensed cleaning professionals must also return the entire living space to its previous neat condition. Note that there’s a chance for you to clean the house, but not diligently, which will cost you a substantial part of your tenancy deposit.

  • It’s a way to pass it forward. Try to remember the very first day you moved in. Was it neat, stylish, welcoming, and spotless around? If yes, then the previous tenants did their job well. They performed the tenancy cleaning checklist from top to bottom. Now, it’s your turn. And try to make it right, which in our today’s case means green.

How to green your end of tenancy clean?

Eco-friendly cleaning before moving out uses only green methods.

The specification is to ban harmful (chemical or allergenic) detergents and disinfection approaches. Instead, count on green solutions and safe techniques.

The following eco-friendly tenancy cleaning checklist can help you a lot.

Green all-purpose cleaner

Start with some preparation of a universal cleansing detergent. It will be your main weapon against stains, grime, dust, microbes, etc. You can use it on all surfaces so long as they don’t require some particular sanitizing approach due to their materials, locations, and functions.

We kindly suggest you test the following DIY homemade organic all-purpose cleaner recipes:

  • Citrus cleaner: mix chopped orange, lemon, or tangerine peels with 200 ml of water and 3-4 drops of white vinegar. Then, sprinkle some salt within the mixture and let it remain for half an hour. Now, pour the liquid into a spray bottle and use it to clean any surface.

  • White vinegar is the universal cleaning helper. If you find a diluted product, it would be even better. And there’s nothing complicated in preparing your cleaner. All you need to do is mix the white vinegar with lukewarm water in a 1:1 correlation. The big pro of white vinegar is its solid antibacterial feature, but it also has bad odour removal and polishing qualities.

  • Borax – the nightmare for all stains. This substance does wonders with the water by softening it. Though, it’s used for laundry because of an extra positive feature – to brighten the shades of your clothes. You can take benefit of these while polishing the tiles in the bathroom.

Homemade oven cleaner

Maintaining a more functional kitchen is easier, but even the most diligent tenants often forget how important it is to sanitize the oven regularly. If that’s the case, during the moving-out disinfection procedure, you will not have to scrub a lot.

All the all-purpose cleaners we’ve listed above apply for deep oven cleaning. Hence, if the appliance is in an awful condition, on the contrary, prepare for some harsh and long-lasting brushing and rubbing.

Applying baking soda on the spots is a natural and efficient way to get rid of them fast. If necessary, dismantle the oven and soak all parts in soapy water for 30 minutes to eliminate the last pieces of grime and bacteria.

Natural drain cleaner

The kitchen drain is 90% full of a significant amount of dirt, microbes, and nasty-smelling food little pieces. To remove them all, you should do your best.

The best eco-friendly drain cleaner solution involves two of the most effective bacteria killers – white vinegar and baking soda. Mix them with boiling water, as it will help dissolve and eliminate the smallest food pieces.

Homemade soft scrub

In the green end of tenancy cleaning, you should scrub, brush and wash not only with natural detergents but also with eco-friendly tools.

It’s, though, neither difficult nor expensive. On the contrary, since green also means recyclable, then you can put into force any suitable items you already possess.

Don’t hesitate to reuse personal belongings like toothbrushes, unwanted clothing pieces, and socks instead of plastic gloves and even abrasive coffee grounds for some organic scrubbing.

Apply our Borax all-purpose solution, as it’s perfect for scrubbing, or opts for the following recipe:

  • 5 ml of grapefruit seed essential oil;

  • 2 tablespoons of baking soda;

  • 100 ml of lukewarm water.

Natural glass cleaner

Washing glass items in a green manner might be the cheapest end of the tenancy cleaning procedure. It’s because all the windows and the mirrors need is some ordinary water. For maximum results, use distilled water.

Yet, the trick here is knowing the right window-cleaning movement.

Spray your natural glass cleaner, then wipe with a lint-free paper towel or microfiber cloth from top to bottom to see the surface shine like a diamond again. In case you cause any streaks, give them another wipe.

The white vinegar solution can help you again if the glass is filthy.

A green tile cleaning solution

Use the following eco-friendly cleansing solution for all rooms with tiles under your feet (bathroom, toilet, balcony, and sometimes, living room, etc.):

  • Ingredients you need: 1 tablespoon of mild dishwashing detergent, a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide, two pinches of baking soda, and 2 lavender essential oil drops;

  • How to prepare it: Mix all the ingredients together by adding the essential oil in the end to keep its fresh smell;

  • How to use it: Apply the cleansing solution on the surface. Let it stay for up to 15 minutes. Get a soft brush to scrub and a soft cloth to polish. Rinse thoroughly.

Hard water stain remover

Have you applied all bathroom move-out cleaning tips, but there are still severe stains?

These are the hard water spots that are indeed hard to be cleaned. The most eco-friendly option here is to use white vinegar and lemon juice. Mix them and add the contents to a spray bottle. Let the solution work for about 5 minutes, and then rub it with a microfiber cloth until the stains are gone.

Another good green solution is to use your fireplace’s wooden ash. It’s tough to believe, but the dark black ash is an excellent cleaner!


Putting into force all of these eco-friendly tips will add the green line to your end-of-tenancy cleaning plan.

If you have no time, nerves, or sanitizing skills, there’s always a plan B. Hire professional moving-out cleaners who work with organic and safe detergents and get your tenancy deposit back with a 100% guarantee.

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